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2016 The End

Another year gone, we're away in the Midlands at Tres's for New Year celebrations this year. 80s party to finish it off.

Pleased it's ended to be honest not been a very good year. Way too much work for me to do through the year. Hope the new year brings more peace and quiet so I can get back to a varied life, not just a life of toil.

Lots planned, all sorts doing, brewery visit, trip to Bath, Bens wedding and moped trip. All my time off is going to be to do stuff for me this year.

Thats it I'm out .. not much to say about 2016.


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Saturday to chill out not work

Lots done today, men's breakfast first, listening to Rev Mark speak of his weight loss and sabbatical. Quite a journey he took himself on with the time he spent walking and trying to lose extra weight.
Followed up with planning meeting for the new Kitchen at Church. Lots of work to be done there, not sure it will go as they want but let's see. My time now to contribute a bit and help where possible.
Bicester village with Dominik and Layla and Chloe. Got them all a gift and enjoyed the day in the sunshine. Followed by Carvery at Toby and a pint. Good day today, settling into the evening with a slice of Pizza and some TV. Babysitting Layla tonight. And of course hot tub will come later … All is good.

Pic of James and Caroline taken this week